About Measure O

Vote YES on Measure O to provide locally-controlled funding so Riverside students are better prepared for college and good paying jobs in fields like health sciences, engineering, technology, robotics, and skilled trades.


Our students deserve to have the same educational opportunities as others in our region. Over 30 of our schools in Riverside were built more than 40 years ago, and five are more than 100 years old.  

If we want our kids to succeed in college and careers, they must be skilled in the use of today’s technologies and have a solid background in science, engineering and math. Measure O will make essential repairs and improvements so that local schools can serve our community well for decades to come.

Measure O will:

  • Improve student safety and campus security systems
  • Repair or replace aging, outdated classrooms and school buildings 
  • Provide classrooms and labs for career and technology education (CTE) classes, including health sciences, engineering, technology, robotics and skilled trades
  • Improve access for students with disabilities
  • Retrofit older schools to enhance earthquake safety
  • Update instructional technology for modern teaching standards in core subjects like reading, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
 Many of our classrooms are aging and need to be upgraded

Many of our classrooms are aging and need to be upgraded


Measure O ensures strict fiscal accountability:

  • All funds raised by Measure O will stay in Riverside to support our students 
  • No funds for administrators’ and teachers’ salaries and benefits
  • A Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits are required
  • All funds would support local students and could not be taken by the State
  • Measure O would qualify RUSD for millions of dollars in state matching funds that would otherwise go to other school districts