Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education vote to place Measure O on the November 2016 ballot? Why is a bond measure necessary?
At Riverside Unified, 33 schools were built more than 40 years ago and five are more than 100 years old. Essential repairs to aging, outdated classrooms and school buildings are needed, along with seismic retrofits and other safety improvements. Riverside students must be prepared to compete for college and good paying jobs in fields like engineering, health sciences, technology, robotics and skilled trades. Our kids need access to instructional technology and labs to learn today’s skills and develop a solid foundation in science and math.

The Riverside Unified School District Board of Education placed Measure O on the November 2016 ballot to raise approximately $392 million for these needed upgrades, repairs and improvements.

What would Measure O do?
Measure O would:

  • Improve student safety and campus security systems
  • Repair or replace aging, outdated classrooms and school buildings
  • Provide classrooms and labs for career and technology education (CTE) classes, including health sciences, engineering, technology, robotics and skilled trades
  • Improve access for students with disabilities
  • Retrofit older schools to enhance earthquake safety
  • Update instructional technology for modern teaching standards in core subjects like reading, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

Will bond projects be completed at my school?
In order to give all students access to an excellent education, projects will be completed at every single school in Riverside Unified School District. Projects will range from basic renovations to construction of new facilities to maintain high academic standards.

Can the State fund upgrades to our schools?
Prior to 2014, the State funded approximately 40% of school construction and expansion costs. The State is not currently funding school facilities construction. This funding responsibility has been transferred to local communities and we unfortunately cannot rely on the State to provide adequate funding for facility improvements. Local funding through Measure O will allow the District to make necessary improvements and maintain high student achievement.

Will all funds benefit Riverside schools?
Every penny from Measure O will benefit local schools and be controlled locally. None of the funds can be taken away by the State or go to other communities.

Could the funds be taken by the State?
No, by law all of these funds will stay in Riverside Unified School District to benefit local students.

How can we be sure the money would be spent properly?
Measure O includes strict fiscal accountability provisions. By law, a citizens’ Oversight Committee is required, in addition to third-party annual public audits to ensure funds are spent appropriately on voter-approved projects. None of the funds could be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions. All the money raised by this measure would be used here in our local community and every RUSD school would benefit from bond funds. No funds could be taken by the State.

When will Measure O appear on a ballot?
Measure O will appear on the November 2016 ballot. To pass, this measure must be supported by 55% of those who vote on it. All registered voters in Riverside Unified School District will be eligible to vote on Measure O.

How many votes does Measure O need to pass?
In order to pass, this measure must be supported by 55% of those who vote on it.

How can I find out more information about voting or registering to vote? 
You can register to vote by visiting or by calling the Riverside County Registrar of Voters at (951) 486-7200. Visit for more information about voting. The deadline to register to vote in time to vote in this election is October 24.

How can I find more information about our schools?
For more information about local schools, please contact the Riverside Unified School District at (951) 778-5599 or